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Virginia Beach, VA
Golf Cart
2 Seat Cart


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  • Size: In "drive position", not including roof assembly:89.5" L x 37.5" W x 47" H with Standard 16" tires or 45.5" H with Optional 13" tires in"drive position", with roof assembly:89.5" L x 37.5" W x 74." H with Standard 16" tires or 72.5" H with Optional 13" tires,Completely Collapsed in height and length: 59" L x 37.5" W x 32" H with Standard 16" tires, with Optional 13” tires, 30.5”H
  • Weight: approx. 780 lbs., with 12-volt, 50 AH x 3 Batteries or approx  with 12-volt 80 AH x 3 Batteries, or - depending on configuration
  • Seating capacity: 4persons
  • Batteries: Standard: 12-volt, 80 AH X 3, sealed, Maintenance free.
  • Battery Charger: Standard: outboard, 10-amp, auto cutoff.
  • Motor: 2000-Watt, high efficiency, 36 Volt, DC Motor
  • Controller: Curtis controller
  • Speed Control:  Foot operated traditional accelerator pedal for smooth operation
  • Directional Control: Forward/Reverse switch conveniently located on main dash control panel
  • Lights and Horn: LED Headlights, Taillights, turn signals and horn all standard
  • Maximum vehicle speed: approx. 17 km/h (10-13) depending on terrain.
  • Steering: Rack and pinion
  • Brakes: Regenerative electromagnetic braking, with Electromagnetic parking brake
  • Suspension: Adjustable, Front and Rear Shocks and Springs
  • Maximum grade ability approx. 30 degrees
  • Pay Load weight: approx. 600 lbs. (including passengers and load)
  • Charge time: approx. 6 to 8 hours, depending on battery discharge state.
  • Running period of a charge: approx. 9 to 12 hours, depending on type of use and terrain Travel
  • Range: approx. 50 km, (31 MILES) depending on terrain and battery configuration.
  • Frame: Full Aluminum Square Tubing with MIG Welded, high tensile steel suspension sections and Maintenance free, Power Assisted, Dual Rail Collapsing System
  • Body: PP - Molded polymer-reinforced plastic
  • Tires: Standard 16 x 6.50 - 8 Tubeless on Polished Aluminum Rims

Warranty: Viper SS Warranty : defects in material and workmanship for (12) months from the date of purchase, subject to the exclusions listed below. This Limited Warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and terminates upon transfownership(Exclusions) Routine maintenance, regularly scheduled service, transporting the vehicle for warranty service, damage or failure that is the result of improper storage, transport, or towing are not covered under the warranty.

This Limited Warranty excludes any failure not caused by a defect in material and workmanship, including but not limited to, abuse or improper handling, accident, collision, corrosion, cosmetic damage or deterioration, improper maintenance, normal wear and tear, acts of nature, fire, or explosion.

This limited warranty does not cover failures, damage, or subsequent damage to: Any vehicle, component, or part that has been altered, modified, neglected, improperly maintained or used for purposes for which it was not designed; Electrical components, including the battery charger, caused by fluctuations in the electrical current; Use of modified or after market components, accessories or attachments; Unauthorized repairs during the warranty period or repairs made after the warranty expires. No coverage is provided for consumable components, general wear items, or any parts exposed to friction surfaces, stresses, environmental conditions for which they were not designed or intended, including but not limited to: Wheels and tires Seat components / Upholstery Bushings / Bearings Fuses / Circuit breakers Finished and unfinished surfaces Sealants / Lubricants Light bulbs / Sealed beam lamps Suspension /Brake / Steering components(Battery & Charger Limitations & Exclusions) The Warranty Period is determined by the amp hours recorded by the on board controller.

Coverage is not provided for failures, damage, or subsequent damage caused by: Lack of maintenance, abuse or neglect Over charging or under charging Filling batteries with contaminated water Failure to maintain water levels Use of an unapproved battery charger Loose battery tie downs, cables, and /or terminals Corrosion Freezing Installation of after market parts or accessories that are not connected to the complete battery pack automatically terminates all warranties for the entire battery pack.